Steve Kight, his love for photography and Ecuador

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As a young boy growing up in the heart of Florida, I have always had a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the world I lived in. As a way of sharing what I saw I began to sketch my world.

A world filled with beautiful rivers, lush forests, beautiful light which filtered down to me in the early morning yet as fast I as I could sketch, the light changed and I was left to retrieve from the confines my mind the image I saw before the light began changing. Sometimes that image inside me changed from what I saw into what I wanted to see and this was fine because I realized my view of our world differs from yours. We live and see the same world but we all see it differently. I feel it’s important to create an image of what I want you to see in order for me to invoke emotion in you, the viewer.

I remember my first experience with photography was with a Kodak Brownie camera, now I am showing my age, but when looking thru the top of this camera the world I was looking at was upside down and I had to draw on my imagination to see the image I wanted to share. But it wasn’t until I picked up my first SLR camera, that I realized the advantages of this medium. I was seeing the image before me, I was painting my world now with the light which filled my camera, or so I thought. I would always run to get my film developed and pay a little more for quick processing only to realize I had a lot to learn. Out of the 36 frames on a roll, only one or two were keepers. Why can’t I take images like those I see in National Geography magazine? I was determined to learn from my mistakes, I read, I listened but most importantly I kept taking photos, at least a roll of film each day and I learned, If you want to take good photos you must take lots of photos, hundreds of them, you must study and explore the techniques of those who walked this path before you and be willing to accept constructive criticism. You can’t be any artist without hard work and determination.

But there is one secret I learned, you must create opportunities for yourself to achieve success because no one is going to do it for you. I say this because my desire for exploration evolved into me becoming a SCUBA diving instructor and dive boat captain where I could explore a new world teeming with marine life, the likes of which I could have never imagined and it was the desire to share this new world which created me the opportunity to take my photography in a new direction. I learned how to create photos in low light and the importance of using strobes to enhance my images due to the lack of light. All the while I was beginning to create my own style unique style and although I always studied the images of others I always remembered the world I see is different from how others view it.

I have been blessed to be able to share my work with those I met along my journey, but with the internet I learned there was an audience of people I would never met that might enjoy having one of my pieces in their home and once again I had stumbled upon another opportunity. After years of photographing by myself, I began to organize photo walks, became an award winning photographer offering workshops on photo processing and from here I gained the confidence needed to walk into my first gallery and ask if they might be interested in my work. All of these were steps I took because I dared to dream big and because I shared with the world images of a world I see with my heart.

But then all changed one day again, on Dec 27, 2011. Because that was the day I meet my muse, and although I would always attempt to explain my work in depth, it was the honest criticism I received which has helped me grow again as an artist. I had to meet her, you see we met online and were separated by the deep blue sea and the Andes which lay between us, I had this strong desire to see with my own eyes the beauty of the world which she painted to me in her words. So I got on a plane, flew to Ecuador, and we began to paint Ecuador from the union of our hearts and needless to say, we feel in love. Although I had to return I left with her a part of me which I didn’t want back, my heart. We worked together from afar, with both my images and with hers and as difficult as it was we never stopped dreaming of the day when we be together, bajo la luna azul. Separation has me realize that God had placed “ Mi Amorcita” in my way, so in the spring of 2017, my decision was final, I wanted to live forever with my beloved Elizabeth, my muse in the most biodiverse country on this planet, Ecuador.

We are currently working on writing an exciting chapter in my life which will lead to a publication “The Ecuador of my Dreams” which is a reflection of my life and experiences here in my second Homeland and by doing so hope to be able to share the Ecuador I love with the world.


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